Launching CrowdSound - Easy User Feedback

Posted by chris
on Wednesday, May 14

Intridea just launched our newest product - CrowdSound. CrowdSound is a tool that allows companies and websites to gather, organize and respond to suggestions from their users. It is available as a customizable widget that you plug into your own site.


Here my own CrowdSound widget. (The typical widget is 250px wide - I customized this to be 650px):

Please try it out, and then sign up at CrowdSound for your own!

Emerging from hiding - and launching!

Posted by chris
on Monday, February 11

Seeing how I haven't posted a single thing in over a month, I can see how you might expect the worst. Have no fear, I have not been abducted by aliens, nor have I been jailed for embezzlement (yet). I have merely been toiling day and night with my Intridea teammates on an exciting new project for our VisualCV clients. I am pleased to annouce that all of our hard work has finally come to fruition, and launched early this morning.

From the start we knew VisualCV would require a lot of effort and long hours, and we were right! Thanks to the coding efficiency Ruby and Ruby on Rails allow us, as well as the agile methods we put in place, we were able to meet very tight deadlines.

VisualCV aims to replace the traditional paper resume with an online version that allows you to present images, audio, and video alongside traditional resume content. The VisualCV management team and advisory team is impressive, headed up by Phillip Merrick, former CEO and Chairman of webMethods, so we're expecting good things from this endeavor.

Stay tuned for updates on VisualCV, as well as some more technical posts about some of the technology we used and some tips and tricks I've picked up.

Check VisualCV out now!


VisualCV has been generating a lot of media buzz so far - check out some of the coverage below: