RubyConf 2007

Posted by chris
on Friday, November 16

The 2007 RubyConf was a couple of weeks ago (Nov 2nd-4th) in Charlotte, NC . I attended with a few of my Intridea colleagues – Pradeep, Michael, and Jeremy. So this post is not all that timely, and I imagine anything worthwhile to say about RubyConf 2007 has already been blogged about to death. Not only that, but I was part of a panel at last week’s DCRUG meeting, where we discussed RubyConf, so I have already probably talked the topic to death. And yet, still I write… must be the egotist in me that assumes my 2 subscribers want, nay – need, to know there weren’t enough men’s restrooms, or there should have been more coffee on the last day. Here on the Better Endeavor Blog, we get into the meat of things and tell you what’s really important.