Amazon Web Services Startup Challenge

Posted by chris
on Wednesday, October 31

Intridea has officially entered three products into the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Start-Up Challenge. We're very excited about the products, all of which should be launching on November 5th.


Scalr is a complete turn-key hosting solution that’s self-curing and self-scaling. It based on EC2 and provides an easy, web-based interface for setting up and managing your servers.


With MediaPlug, website operators can add social media (images, audio, and video) to a website in a fraction of the time, at a fraction of the cost, and without the need to learn complex video transcoding systems. In addition, uploads are offloaded to MediaPlug servers to reduce the burden on the customer website.


SocNet is built on Intridea’s MediaPlug and Scalr products, and allows customers to quickly create a social networking site that can scale to millions of users easily.